Animal Pest Control

Identify, Locate, Remove 

We can provide animal pest control for the following species in both rural and semi rural settings

  • Rabbits & Hares
  • Possums
  • Avian Species
  • Feral Goats & Pigs
  • Wallabies
  • Deer
  • Feral Cats

Why choose us:

  • 100% Safety Record with our comprehensive safety planning
  • We stay one step ahead with the latest in night vision & thermal imaging
  • Discreet operation limits disruption to stock & neighbors
  • Our cost effective methods ensure you're only billed for pest removed from your property.

Site Survey

We conduct a site survey before control work takes place, This enables us to identify hazards and risks that may be present as well as pest numbers and distribution, from here we formulate a proposed plan for the control work. The control plan will then be reviewed and approved by the client. The control plan includes things like the control method, safety plans and practices, hazards and controls, safe directions and buffer zones as well as proposed dates and times for the control work. 


One of the most cost effective control methods we have for the majority of the pest species we work with is controlled shooting after locating animals with night vision or thermal imaging devices. It allows for easier navigation of health and safety requirements and allows us to control risks better, Poisons require costly health and safety plans as well as often special licensing to handle effective toxins. An appropriately selected rifle or airgun is a very effective tool for control of small to medium sized populations.

We can also offer trapping and/or baiting as required.

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