Leaders in Technology

As a leading solution provider Intellisol caters to all industries when it comes to technology driven solutions. From Government Agencies through to the private sector our team can help select and provide the best technology for your operation. 


We engage fully with your business to understand your    needs and offer up compatible solutions to your technology use case.


Our support is full proof, We back all of the solutions we provide and even have addition service contracts available leaving us to keep your solution up to date and  fit for purpose. 

Engineering Services

Animal Pest Control

Garmin Product Training

IntelliSol can provide a range of training on how professional users of Garmin GPS products can better utilize devices to really add value to their GIS dataset  aiding the decision making process. 


Navigate effectively and safely with the most suitable route. 


Set the device up to accurately record track and GPS data in way that provides meaningful visibility to aid planning.


Learn the in's and outs of the device so operation becomes fast and fluid. 

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